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Our company History, Wood Pellets & Future Plans

Our wood pellets are meticulously crafted in the UK, embodying our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Compressed from local sawmill by-products they offer an eco-friendly and low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

As a renewable energy source, our wood pellets exemplify the perfect balance of environmental consciousness, exceptional quality, and price stability.

We take immense pride in supplying wood pellets that carry the prestigious EN-Plus A1 certification and BSL sustainability authorisation. This assures their superior quality and eco-conscious origins. At SDL Pellets, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled range of locally produced, bagged and blown wood pellets throughout the UK.

We have an unwavering focus on sustainability, coupled with our unmatched service, swift delivery, and focus on quality. This has established us as the trusted choice for the leading UK Made wood pellet experts.


Pellets 1.0

SDL diversified from site clearance and biomass works in 2016. Utilising the biomass boiler system that was already in place the original pellet line was installed. This ran for two years producing En Plus high quality pellets. These initial years allowed us to grow our knowledge and experience in creating high quality pellets.

Building Stage

Following the initial successful years it became apparent that the current pellet line running at maximum capacity wasn’t able to fulfill our production needs. The decision was made to decommission the plant, and begin the construction of a brand new, state of the art, pellet line. Facing delays due to Brexit and Covid this project was completed in the winter of 2021.

Pellets 2.0

Our focus has always been producing high quality pellets in the most sustainable manner possible. To do this we only source local sawmill by-products, meaning that our material has low carbon miles, and that no trees were felled with the intention of creating pellets. Additionally, we use renewable energy to run our pellet line in the form of our Biomass powered combine heat and energy system.

Our Mission

Our unwavering commitment to producing a superior product while upholding our strong environmental principles is the cornerstone of our operations. This dedication resonates throughout every stage of our sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution processes. In response to the growing concerns surrounding other products in the UK biomass fuel market, we strive to offer a trustworthy alternative.

Unlike relying on imported goods, which have encountered challenges due to the combined impact of Brexit and Covid-19. We adopt a holistic approach by managing every aspect of our operations in-house. From the utilisation of renewable and UK-produced fuel to power our pellet line, to the meticulous selection of materials for our pellets themselves, we prioritise both sustainability and reliability. Embracing this ethos extends beyond our product creation to encompass our packaging, distribution, and delivery processes. All of these processes are handled internally on both small and large scales.

To ensure seamless supply chain management at every juncture, our team of HGV Drivers collaborates closely with our pellet plant staff and sawmill supplier. This synchronised effort guarantees the smooth flow of our operations, delivering exceptional products to our valued customers.

How They're Made

See Below The Production Process To Make Our Award Winning En-Plus A1 Wood Pellets & Their Testing Specifications.

Wood Pellet Production Process
Wood Pellet Testing Specification ENplus A1
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