Pellet Consumers: The Latest Trends.

UK Pellet Experts Weigh in on the Latest Consumer Trends

Discover the latest trends in the UK wood pellet market from the experts at SDL Pellets. This blog post analyses a recent EN Plus survey, revealing insights into the growing demand for sustainable, high-quality, and locally sourced wood pellets. Learn how SDL Pellets caters to these evolving consumer needs, offering EN Plus A1 certified pellets at competitive prices, with convenient delivery across the UK.

UK Pellet Industry

Here at SDL Pellets, we’re not just wood pellet producers, we’re passionate UK pellet experts. We follow the industry closely, and a recent survey by EN Plus caught our eye. Their “Pellet consumers: latest trends” report sheds light on the evolving preferences and behaviours of wood pellet users across Europe. The data has been collated from 196 respondents, spreading over 21 countries and we’re excited to share our thoughts with a UK perspective.

Sustainable Wood Pellets Matter

Just like the EN Plus study found, UK consumers increasingly value the eco-friendly nature of wood pellets. With growing concerns about climate change and a desire to move away from fossil fuels, a 14% rise in respondents prioritising sustainability resonates strongly with us and our values for the future. At SDL Pellets, we proudly use our locally sourced SDL sawmill by-products, minimising our carbon footprint and ensuring that no trees are felled specifically for our wood pellet production.

EN Plus A1 wood pellet price

Quality and Price Go Hand-in-Hand

The survey highlights the importance of both price and quality for pellet buyers. While 67% consider price very important, a significant 33% prioritise quality, seeking pellets that deliver optimal performance and heating efficiency. At SDL Pellets, we strike this balance perfectly. Our En Plus A1 certified pellets are the highest quality on the market, offering exceptional heat output and minimal ash. Furthermore, because we manage the whole process from harvesting, pellet manufacture and delivery, our pellets are the most competitively and most consistently priced in the UK.

Local Love for Reliable Delivery

The preference for local suppliers rings true in the UK as well. Over 80% of respondents value proximity of the supplier, and we understand why. At SDL Pellets, we operate throughout the England, Wales and Scotland, ensuring convenient delivery directly to your door. Plus, our experienced HGV drivers guarantee a smooth and reliable supply chain. Delivery is included in the price, for deliveries to Scotland a £30 surcharge is added.

Preparedness is Key

The early restocking trend observed in the survey aligns with UK pellet users’ habits. Many replenish stocks during the start of the cold season (September-December), ensuring they’re well-prepared for winter chills. We offer flexible ordering and delivery options, making it easy to top up your supply whenever needed. If you want to understand more about the seasonality of wood pellets, you can read our blog here.

Pellets Here to Stay

The overwhelming intention to continue using pellets is fantastic news for the industry. We share this optimism at SDL Pellets. With their sustainability, affordability, and reliable performance, wood pellets offer a dependable and future-proof heating solution. It’s essential to make moves away from fossil fuels towards a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Who Are En Plus?

EN Plus are the world-leading, transparent and independent certification scheme for wood pellets. The high regard for EN Plus certification reflects the growing emphasis on quality and assurance. As proud holders of EN Plus A1 certification, we stand by the scheme’s rigorous standards, guaranteeing our pellets meet the highest quality benchmarks.

At SDL Pellets, we’re committed to providing exceptional En Plus A1 wood pellets that cater to the evolving needs of UK consumers. We offer sustainable, high-quality pellets at consistently competitive prices, delivered directly to your door, ensuring a warm, comfortable, and eco-friendly winter for all.

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