Advantages of Wood Pellets

What Are The Advantages Of Wood Pellets?

Discover the many advantages of using wood pellets for heating and animal bedding. This blog post explores the cost savings, high efficiency, low emissions, and sustainability benefits of wood pellets. Learn how SDL Pellets’ UK-sourced and produced pellets offer superior quality and environmental responsibility, making them the ideal choice for your needs.

There are so many options for heating your property and getting the most out of renewable heating. You may be wondering, what is the advantage of wood pellets? Before we get into that, let’s define the 2 main uses for wood pellets. The main ways they can be used are for commercial or domestic biomass boilers, and for equestrian and animal bedding. Now let’s explore the many benefits that wood pellets offer.

How much do wood pellets cost?

One of the main advantages is the low cost of the wood pellets. Our wood pellets are of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly fuel sources. They range in price, starting from £225 for a half pallet of 32x 15kg wrapped bags. All of our products offer free delivery to England, Wales and Scotland. We also offer blown delivery or bagged wood pellets which come on a half or full pallet.

We recommend that you want compare the prices of wood pellets to other forms of heating such as oil, gas and electricity. Use this fuel cost calculator to see the difference that it could make.

What are the advantages of wood pellets:

  1. One of the main advantages of wood pellets is the cost savings that you can gain. With the current cost of living crisis and rising energy costs, this is a good long-term solution to help control your heating costs.
  2. All of our wood pellets hold an EN-Plus A1 Certification and BSL sustainability authorisation. This means we produce the highest quality pellets on the market, have eco-conscious origins, have low dust and extremely high efficiencies.
  3. Due to the quality of our wood pellets, they produce low particulate emissions and atmospheric pollutants
  4. Our wood pellets produce consistent, high burn efficiency and density over a long time resulting in good heating outputs.
  5. All of our wood pellets are produced within the UK, from trees that have been felled without the intention of producing them as pellets and having low green miles to transport them.
  6. When stored correctly, wood pellets will last indefinitely making them efficient and sustainable. Our pellets can be ordered in bags, which are easy to sore and transport.
  7. Buying from SDL pellets helps support over 100x team members that we across the UK

How do we make our wood pellets?

One of the things that makes SDL Pellets unique compared to our competitors is that we manage the whole wood pellet-making process from start to finish, right here in the UK. All our wood pellets are produced using local sawmill by-products, and none of the trees we use at SDL were felled with the intention of making wood pellets. As they are all sourced from within the UK the green miles to transport them to our pellet line are also reduced.

Furthermore, our pellet line is powered using renewable energy, from our own biomass powered combine heat and energy system, run on the pellets we produce ourselves.

Even the waste heat from our pellet line is used to dry out sawdust that we collect on site, so we ensure that material or energy waste is minimised as best we can.

We hope we have shown the advantages of using wood pellets. From the cost savings to the heating efficiency, eco-friendly sourcing and manufacturing, there are lots of benefits of buying our wood pellets. We have our team on hand if you want to send us an email or give us a call, we are happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. Or if you want to place your order online and enjoy free delivery, you can see the shop here.

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